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How To Use a Cross Product Calculator

Step 1: Place your value in the given area of ( a1 a2 a3 ) X ( b1 b2 b3 )
Step 2: Click On Calculate option.
Step 3: Now you can see your result as a Calculated result value.

How to Clear the Character from CROSS PRODUCT CALCULATOR

If you want to re-enter your value then. Don't warry or not refresh the page.
Just use the Clear option. For this just click on Clear button as given.

What is the Matrix?

A rectangular array of mn numbers in the form of m horizontal line (called rows)
and n Verticle lines (called columns) is called a matrix of order m by n, Written as an mXn matrix.
Such an array is enclosed by [] or ()
Each of the mn numbers constituting the matrix is called an element or an entry of the matrix.
Usually, We denote any matrix by a capital letter.
The Plural of the matrix is matrices.

How to determine a Matrix.

In order to locate the position of a particular element of a matrix,
We have to specify the number of rows and that of the column in which the element occurs.
An element occurring in the ith rows and jth column of a matrix A will be called the (i, j)th of A, to be denoted by aij.